Ethos, Vision & Aims


Paces High Green School for Conductive Education is special in that it seeks to use Conductive Education in all areas of the curriculum and in all aspects of its activities whether in school or out. We do this in the belief that Conductive Education helps pupils to use their body with increasing efficiency. They become more physically active and this in itself improves motivation and self-image and thus enables more effective access to the curriculum and their ability to learn. As they become more active their confidence and self-belief will grow, as will their personality. This enables more effective learning in every developmental area, including; cognitive, physical, emotional, social and self-help domains.

Vision and Aims

‘We will create a centre of excellence and will have an approach towards curriculum delivery which captivates all learners, engages each of the senses, promotes as much independence as is possible and affirms success on a daily basis. Our curriculum will offer added value and strive to make a difference.’

Through the use of Conductive Education, we aim to:

  • enable the student to develop in all areas of learning – motor, social, cognitive, sensory, speech, health and spiritual;
  • ensure that all students make progress in line with their developing abilities;
  • develop trust through shared experiences and knowledge of each other and develop students’ confidence, self-image and positive attitudes towards learning, giving each student a sense of achievement;
  • encourage the essential formation of good relationships;
  • provide children with a ‘total communication environment’ ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to communicate and interact with their environment.
  • create a happy, caring and stable environment where the highest levels of care are provided and dignity and respect are upheld at all times.
  • achieve the highest possible standards in both teaching and learning;
  • communicate effectively with parents/carers and other professionals to maximise learning opportunities for all pupils.
  • provide inclusive opportunities for outside school experiences;
  • develop confident pupils with unique personalities and a desire to learn and achieve;
  • prepare and equip pupils for life in their communities and after they have left Paces.