“Just five minutes into our initial visit to Paces we knew this was the right place for our daughter with cerebral palsy and seven years later we have been proved right. Our daughter received excellent support from dedicated and hardworking staff who have helped her to develop physically and academically whilst continually striving towards independence.”

“From the moment Rio began his journey at Paces, it was a total change of mindset for us as a family. Instead of being told what Rio would never do, we were focussed on what he could do and his potential and then building on that. From that point we have never looked back, and Paces has a significant part to play in all of that.”

“We made a decision for our son when he was three years old to attend Paces Nursery School and then to continue into Primary. This was the best decision we ever made! He has learnt so much that will lead to greater independence. It’s not just about walking, it’s so much more. The staff are dedicated and inspirational. His education is second to none, he is very lucky to be able to attend Paces.”

“Paces has been and continues to be the perfect ‘fit’ for our 2 children. They both have neurological disorders and finding Paces has been a lifeline to help with everyday from eating, to toileting and learning. All the staff are very in tune to our children’s needs and are always there to talk to.”