Table Tennis!

We have had some people come visit us who have shown us how to play table tennis as a group!

Sitting Tall…tall…tall!

Sitting on a stool for lessons allows us to be more independent and become stronger when sitting.

What we have learned today…

Every day we do a Maths or Literacy lesson, it is a great way to challenge each and every person in the class!

Look what I can do!

Holding onto the stick whilst letting go with each finger in turn is hugely challenging!!

Challenge Time!

Some tasks can be a huge challenge for us to complete, this one of putting a heel onto an opposite knee was a huge accomplishment!

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been lovely so far to see everyone settling in, making new friends and learning all about each other. We are starting off the year in Balmoral Class with the topic: Frozen Kingdom!

The topic of Frozen Kingdom will give pupils the opportunity to learn about areas such as Antarctica: which animals live there; what plants thrive there and what it is like for the people and scientists who choose to live there. The pupils will look at the properties of ice and how we influence the environment, producing their own experiments on ice, looking to be able to preserve it as much as possible.

The class will also look at how animals, people and plants have adapted themselves to the cold environments. Drawing inspiration from this, they will look at creating art pieces depicting the northern lights, glaciers and traditional artworks of the areas.

The pupils will draw from their emerging knowledge of the frozen kingdoms to write poetry and pieces describing the harsh conditions and how people, plants and animals are able to live there. The pupils will also be reading the book, “The Last Polar Bear” by Hannah Gold.

In Maths the pupils will be learning all about number: place value of each digit in three-digit numbers, addition and subtraction and number bonds.

We have a new friend in Balmoral Class: Morris the Monkey! Everyone will be able to take Morris home at the weekend and tell the class in Morris’ diary what adventures they have been up to!

Everyone has settled into their new conductive groups very quickly and have shown huge amounts of positivity and motivation to work hard and push themselves to achieve amazing things.

We are always here if you ever wish to get in touch with questions or enquiries.

Best wishes,

The Balmoral Team