Music Time!

In our Music sessions, we have been enjoying exploring a range of instruments to traditional African music. We love making as much noise as possible!

Children in Need

We really enjoyed our Children in Need fundraiser this afternoon. We did hook-a-duck, played ball games and explored the amazing Paces bake sale!

Our Visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

As part of our learning on Africa, we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park and had lots of fun seeing all the animals!

Exploring The Savannah

Our new topic book, ‘Handa’s Surprise’, is based in The Savannah and so we have been learning about this landscape in our Humanities lessons. We enjoyed exploring lots of different materials and textures like sand, rice, leaves and animal figures!

Our Communication Work

In our weekly AAC sessions, we have been working really hard on using our individual communication methods to clearly express our wants and communicate our choices. We are trying to apply what we learn in AAC to all aspects of our daily lives at Paces.


We have been busy mark-making in a range of materials like spices, flour and garlic powder, as part of our learning on our current topic book, ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’. In our story, the characters go to the market to pick up ingredients for making pancakes, and come across lots of exciting things!

Outdoor Fun!

We enjoyed exploring our outdoor area today in the sunshine!

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you have all had a fantastic and restful summer holiday. Welcome back to Paces and the introduction of our brand-new Chatsworth Class! We are very excited about having the opportunity to channel our creativity over the coming weeks and make this new space our own.

As our class is a combination of last year’s Hardwick and Windsor classes, we will spend much of this term getting to know each other and building effective relationships. You may recognise a few members of the Chatsworth team from previous years, but there will be some new faces too! On the attached page, you can find more information about the people that will be working with your child this academic year.

Our overarching topic for this term is about Africa. We will be exploring this topic through a range of multisensory methods to promote curiosity and engagement such as sensory stories, tuff tray exploration and lots of music. We have introduced the topic using a story called ‘The Animal Boogie’, and we have really enjoyed learning about some of the different animals that come from Africa including monkeys, snakes and elephants. Our learning within the Humanities will also link to Africa, as we begin to look at the landscape, weather and culture of various countries within the continent.

Our Maths sessions will focus on key mathematical concepts such as number recognition and amounts, linking activities to the topic wherever possible. In Phonics, we will continue to develop our early literacy skills through learning to recognise different sounds, body percussion activities and exploring initial letters in exciting multisensory ways.

New termly targets will be with you shortly. Of course, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We know that some pupils can find the return to school challenging after the long break but we will do our very best to help them feel as settled and happy as possible.

Best wishes,

The Chatsworth Team