Ready steady bowl!

We enjoyed our trip bowling and a lunch date. Can you guess who won?

Park life!

We made the most of the dry weather to have lots of fun in the park.

Can water make music?

We thought of lots of different ways of how we could make music with water.

Lest We Forget

Durham class have been learning about the soldiers who died in wars to give us all a better future. We had a walk to the war memorial in Chapeltown park to lay our poppy wreaths and pay our respects.

The Grand Old Duke of York

We enjoyed pretending to be soldiers. When they were up, they were up…


We enjoyed our trip to Eureka before the half term holiday. Our favourite parts included sensory lights, role play and the giant mouth!

Happy Halloween!

We worked together to create our pumpkin masterpieces!

Fun Friday!

We enjoy our conductive games sessions on Fridays. It does get competitive sometimes but we are all good sports!

Kitchen band…boom,bang bang!

What a lot of noise…we mean music we can make! We used kitchen pots, pans and utensils to create our own rocking Durham kitchen band! Watch out for us-we are going to be the next big thing!

Hello, can you hear me?

We investigated how sounds travel by making our own telephones.

We are making silly soup!

We have enjoyed our first full week back at school. Working hard!

Multicultural week

We enjoyed visiting the other countries especially the food!

Going dotty!

Our completed Aboriginal style art work.

Going dotty!

We created our own Aboriginal style art.

Volcano poems

We are poets and we know it!

Welcome back to another year, and another change! Warwick 1 has changed its name to Durham Class, and welcomed Toby, Leo, Fatima Jemma and Claire into the mix!

Our topic this term is Beat, Band and Boogie!

In English lessons, we will be reading Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. We will listen to different nursery rhymes and think about the rhyming words we can hear, and write our own rhyming poems.

We will learn all about the real Grand Old Duke of York and write a newspaper report about him.

We are looking forward to being creative, making our own instruments and writing instructions about how we made them!

In Geography, we will follow and make maps to show where we found different sounds in and around school, whilst in Science we will learn about how our ears work and how we hear all those different sounds.

In Maths, there will be a lot of focus on our basic skills, which will help us throughout our lives, particularly number recognition, addition and subtraction. We will also look at 2D and 3D shapes.

In addition to this, daily task series programmes will continue, and we are looking forward to working alongside some of the children from other classes this year.

We are all looking forward to this new term and new school year.

Please do get in touch with us, if you have any questions!

Jemma and the Durham Team