At Paces we believe in the importance of early intervention and recognise how beneficial it is to work with children from a young age.

In-Reach is available to children of pre-school age (0-4 years) who are experiencing delays in their physical development.  Our In-reach sessions are held at Paces and follow the principles of Conductive Education.  Children will work with Conductors who will encourage them to develop their physical skills and increase their independence.  The sessions are very much play based and will be used to suggest to parent/carers ways in which they could continue to develop some of these skills in the home environment.

In-reach sessions are currently delivered in two different ways.  On a Wednesday we deliver individual sessions that support children on a 1-1 basis working with one of our experienced Conductors.  Each session lasts approximately one hour and will be designed to work on specific targets agreed by both the parents/carers and the Conductor Teacher.  These targets will be constantly monitored and amended as necessary.

On a Thursday afternoon we run ‘School for Parents’ groups which involves children working in small groups with 2 Conductors.  Children will still be given the opportunity to develop specific individual skills but there will also be the opportunity for children to work alongside one another and for parents/carers to receive support from other parents/carers.

We are extremely fortunate to have received funding from Children in Need to enable us to deliver this service.  We are therefore able to offer this programme free of charge to our families.

Our In-Reach service is very popular and there is a high demand for the sessions.  We therefore offer sessions in half termly blocks which enables us to support a larger number of families.  When you contact the school the Headteacher will speak to you regarding the availability of sessions and will invite you to bring your child to Paces for an assessment.  If at the end of that assessment both the Headteacher and the parent/carer feel that Conductive Education would be beneficial to the child, then arrangements would be made to start In-Reach sessions as soon as there is availability.

If you are interested in finding out more about our In-Reach programme please either contact the school office on 0114 284 5298 or send an email to office@paces-school.org.uk.