Paces School Council


Christmas Party Time!!!

Get on the dance floor!

Christmas Party Time!!!

We have the best dance moves!

Christmas Party Time!!!

The School Council organised a Christmas Party so we can all sing, dance and have great food together!

Music Festival

We played some instruments and made a lot of noise at the Music Festival!

Music Festival

We even did some singing ourselves!

Student Council: May 2024

Present: Durham, Warwick, Chatsworth, Edinburgh, Hardwick

Absent: Balmoral, Windsor, Wentworth


Music Festival

Music Festival – 22nd July

Activity ideas for Festival

  • Fed back ideas that each class had suggested to their rep after the last meeting.
  • Specific focus on the ideas that came up multiple times that will be incorporated into the festival (very similar to what we had already discussed last time):
    • Glitter Hair
    • Glitter Tattoos
    • Face Paint
    • Dressing Up
    • Karaoke
    • Dancing
    • Glow sticks
    • Balloons
    • Ice Cream
    • Food

Festival Theme

  • Discussed theme ideas that each class had suggested.
  • Identified six main themes that had come up multiple times, and ensured that each class had at least one idea represented:
    • Colours
    • Circus
    • Disney
    • Superheroes
    • Hawaiian
    • Beach
  • Explained that student council reps had to ask all their class to vote on their favourite theme and then return the results to Jemma.
  • Theme with most votes will be the overall theme of the festival.


  • Each class to vote for which overall theme they would like