At Paces school we support a wide range of pupils who access their learning in varied and different ways. We have therefore tailored our curriculum to ensure that for all our pupils, their learning experience is engaging, stimulating, challenging and fully accessible to them. To facilitate this process, we have created two learning pathways. Both pathways are based on exciting Cornerstones topics as well as WJEC unit of work for KS3 and above both of which are carefully chosen and adapted.  We use our knowledge of each pupil and our professional judgement to determine which pathway will be most suitable for them. This will then inform the best class and peer group for them to be taught in.

Integral to both pathways is our Conductive Education practice. The application of skills learnt in the daily task series is threaded throughout the daily routine in each classroom at Paces.

For pupils in pathway one, the teaching is delivered through subject specific lessons based on a more mainstream model. Activities are continually adapted to ensure they match the pupils’ stage of development whilst remaining age appropriate. Similarly, the pace is adjusted suitably, allowing for repetition and reinforcement, and resources are fully accessible- incorporating AAC as needed.